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Coborn Garage – Car Air Conditioning Servicing

Keeping your car cool, calm and collected

Air conditioning services available in Bethnal Green

Getting your vehicle air conditioning system serviced will allow you to stay cool during the warmest months of the year. Our team of mechanics can check your air con system quickly and efficiently to make sure it’s working properly. Most people don’t realise that air con systems are not actually checked during a regular vehicle service - which leaves them extremely neglected. Getting it checked at the right intervals will keep it in good condition.

Air conditioning services explained

At Coborn Garage, our team will make sure that your vehicle is well looked after. They’ll be able to restore the vital gases and give your air con system a deep anti-bacterial treatment that will stop bacteria from growing on the vents. Having this service done refreshes your car and ensures the air from the air con is clear.

The problem with not looking after your air conditioning system

If unlooked at, your air con will stop working properly - this will result in warm air circulating in your cabin when you turn the system on. Ignoring this can cause long term damage to your vehicle and your bank balance. This is due to your vehicle’s system getting damaged as a result of working harder to power the air con (and your engine too). If this happens you could end up spending more money on fuel than necessary.

Keeping your air con clean is important to us

Air con systems are important and not just for their cooling of the cabin in summer. The system also stops pollen, dust and other debris from entering your cabin through its filter system. This leads to a build up of dirt over time, so, during this service, we can carry out an antibacterial clean. By doing this, your vehicle’s air system will ventilate clean, cool air.

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